General Rules

- Students must be prompt for class

- Dancers are to remain in the lobby area when waiting for their class to begin

- If a student misses warm-up they may be asked to observe first for safety reasons

- No gum chewing, eating or drinking (except for water) allowed in the dance room

- No cell phones…they will be confiscated and returned only to a parent/guardian

- Young students must be accompanied by an adult between the parking area and the waiting room

- Parents of younger children, please note: arriving too early before class can cause anxiety in very young students. Also, prompt pick up after class cannot be stressed enough. A student worrying about being “forgotten” may ruin a wonderful class experience. 

Make-Up Classes

Make-up classes will be scheduled only if more than 3 classes are cancelled. Details will be posted on the information board in the studio lobby as necessary.

Dress Code

- Ballet and Pointe: Black leotard, black chiffon skirt (optional), pink tights and pink split sole leather ballet slippers or pointe shoes. Hair is worn in a bun.

- Lyrical and Contemporary: Black leotard, tan or pink tights, chiffon skirt (optional), tan leather lyrical sandals or pink split sole ballet slippers. Hair is worn in a bun.

- Creative Movement: Black leotard & pink or tan tights, ballet shoes. Hair is worn in a bun.

- Tap: Black leotard, tan or pink tights and tan leather tap shoes. Hair is worn in a ponytail.

- Jazz: Black leotard, tan or pink tights and black jazz pants (optional) and black gore boots. Hair is worn in a ponytail.  

- Hip-Hop: Black leotard or black camisole,  jazz pants, and black gore boots. No baggy clothing please. Hair is worn in a ponytail.

- Boys: White T-shirt or Manchester School of Dance Arts T-shirt, black shorts or jazz pants with black tap shoes or black gore boots.

Required dancewear and dance shoes must be worn to all classes. Failure to do so could result in students being asked to sit out during class. Repeated failure to wear required dancewear could result in termination of lessons.

Care of Students

The studio cannot provide before or after class care of students. Parents with students under the age of 6 are asked to remain in the waiting room during the class period. Students are not to be left at the studio for excessive amounts of time before or after lessons.


Dance is a physically challenging activity. While all due care is taken to provide proper warm-ups and instruction, parents/legal guardians of minor students, and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on school property (including parking lots) from lesson activity or any other activity before, during or after a lesson.

Photo Release

If you do not wish for photos and/or recordings of your child to be used in promotional materials and/or other mediums please notify Miss Cherie immediately.